Introducing 6PXL

Derived directly from the X-League Rule Book, 6PXL presents a further distilled version of the game, tailor-made for scenarios where player numbers are limited. By condensing the essence of X-League into a more compact format, we unlock a realm of possibilities for teams and clubs with new players, providing them with an ideal platform to hone their skills.

At its core, 6PXL encapsulates the ethos of X-League, embodying the very essence of X-League in its purest form. With minimal numbers and space required to play, teams can dive straight into the action, ensuring that every participant is fully engaged throughout the game.

One of the key advantages of 6PXL lies in its emphasis on high involvement levels, leading to an increased frequency of repetitions for essential X-League skills. Whether it’s attacking maneuvers or defensive strategies, players are afforded ample opportunities to refine their techniques, fostering rapid skill development and strategic prowess.

As such, we recommend this version of the game to any new starting clubs, as it lowers the barrier for entry while allowing teams to familiarize themselves with X-League. With 6PXL, aspiring teams can embark on their X-League journey with confidence, knowing that they have a dynamic and engaging platform to kickstart their sporting endeavors.