For the players:

Brisbane City & Gold Coast X-League, QLD.

2024 Update, X-League are looking to expand once again into SE QLD and we need players.

We have a four phase plan detailed below and are looking to establish ourselves as a mainstay in the Rugby League landscape of South East QLD.

Our initial outreach phase will see us organise monthly (and soon fortnightly) sessions to build a player base.

Phase 1: Planning
– Club’s mission and purpose. “Establish X-League as a mainstay in the Rugby League landscape of South East QLD.”
– Determine your target audience and membership requirements. New RL players ex RL Players, Touch and tag enthusiasts, everyone inbetween.
– Develop a marketing and outreach strategy. 

Phase 2: Formation & Intial Steps
– Recruit members and hold initial sessions
– Establish club leadership and committees
– Determine club policies and procedures
– Design and create club materials (e.g. logo, website, social media pages)
– Plan and schedule events, meetings, and activities

Phase 3: Establish 
– Secure permits and licenses and insurance
– Purchase necessary equipment and on/off field kit.

Phase 4: Growth
– Continuously evaluate and adjust club operations
– Promote the club through networking and publicity efforts
– Expand membership and involvement through competitions.