Saturday 29th April

Charity Match

Warrington Select 1612 Ireland X-League Select

Merit League

Walkers Sports & Social Club

Warrington Warriors 0000 Saddleworth Rangers (Cancelled)

St. Annes Rugby Club

Oldham St. Annes 2012 Warrington Titans

Oldham St. Annes 3612 Oldham Owls

Oldham Owls 2016 Warrington Titans


Saturday 6th May

Grand Prix – Round 1

Warrington Titans (Crosfields Recreation Club)

Warrington Titans 08 30 Oldham St. Annes

Warrington Warriors 24 16 Oldham Owls

Warrington Titans 04 20 Warrington Warriors

Oldham Owls 04 32 Oldham St. Annes

Warrington Titans 30 20 Oldham Owls

Warrington Warriors 14 14 Oldham St. Annes

Tournament Winner = Oldham St. Annes

Team of the Tournament = Oldham Owls

Try of the Tournament = M. Reading (Warrington Titans)


Saturday 13th May

Grand Prix – Round 2

Oldham St. Annes

Oldham St. Annes 42 04 Oxford Levellers

Oldham St. Annes 22 04 Warrington Titans/Oldham Owls

Warrington Titans/Oldham Owls 28 22 Oxford Levellers

Tournament Winner = Oldham St. Annes

Team of the Tournament = Oxford Levellers

Try of the Tournament = B. Marsden (Oldham St. Annes)

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