X-League are please to announce a new way to play for 2023… Welcome to the X-League Merit League

  1. Team Composition/Registration
    a. All players must be registered with X-League and the RFL.
    b. Teams must draw from players registered under there name, unless a special request is made to the X-League Steering Group.
    c. Players may not transfer to a different team during the Merit League, unless a special request is made to the X-League Steering Group.
    d. Fixture can be arranged by any participating club or collection of clubs, all fixtures must be sent to the xl steering group at least 48 hours before the fixture is due to start. ( [email protected] )

  2. Points/Scoring and Fixture Composition –

    The XLML will award points for the following
    a. 3 Points for hosting an fixture.
    b. 2 Points for winning a fixture (or a match at a fixture).
    c. 2 Points for attending.

    c. Where there are exactly two team at an fixture, The fixture will consist of at least 3 matches, 2 of these will be ‘mix-in’ friendly games, the others will be competitive 20-minute games. 

    d. A Merit League fixture must have a minimum of two teams but no prescribed maximum. It will be at the organisers discretion to dictate how many teams, in the case of multiple teams attending, the winner of each match will be awarded two points.

    An example multi team fixture, Team A (hosts), Team B, Team C
    Match One – ‘Mix In’ – ABC v CBA
    Match Two – ‘A V B’ – B Win
    Match Three – ‘A V C’ – A Win
    Match Four – ‘B V C’ – B Win

    Team A – 5 points
    Team B – 6 points
    Team C – 2 point

  3. Competition Specifics
    a. the fixture must include one or more ‘mix-in’ game(s) either at the start or end (or both). A ‘Mix-In’ can be defined as a game where all participants play on two randomly divided teams, it is hoped that this helps us all work towards a better culture of understanding of the rules of X-League and will serve to strengthen our X-League community as we all get a chance to play alongside each other and build partnerships within the games.
    b. There is no upper or lower limits to how many Merit League fixtures a team may play in.
    c. Some fixtures may be over subscribed and it will be up to the individual organisers discretion.
    d. It will be up to the individual competitions to decide what constitutes a win.

  4. Rules
    a. All matches will be played in accordance with the official X-League Rules.
    b. These rules do allow for certain changes, the use of which is at at competitions organisers discretion.
    c. It is recommended that anyone refereeing a game follow the referee course or attend a session online.
    d. Any occurrence that could be deemed as ‘gross misconduct’ will be investigated by the Steering Group Officers, penalties may be handed out in the form of competition points deduction or in more severe cases exclusion from the remainder of the Merit League.

  5. Social Media
    a. A photograph of each team at each fixture is a mandatory part of participation.
    b. All teams are encouraged to wear the same kit at each fixture , although this is not mandatory.
    c. All teams are encouraged to wear ‘X-League Branded’ playing kit at each fixture , although this is not mandatory.
    d. All teams are encouraged to use hashtags ‘#XLeagueML, #XLeague and #LeagueForAll’