Ireland and North Yorkshire Make History – X-League FOWC

Ireland and North Yorkshire have etched their name in history at the inaugural X-League World Cup. On Friday the X-League test nations battled it out for the chance to be the first name on the ‘Lough Leane’, Ireland coached by Des Foy of KTRA and captained by Paul Flannery of Warrington Warriors put together a…Read More→

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Presenting: The Lough Leane Trophy

Presenting the Lough Leane trophy. Hand crafted in Killarney, Ireland. It will be the X-League World Cup trophy for this weekend’s X-League FOWC event and the following five X-League World Cup competitions. Named after Lough Leane – the largest of the three lakes of Killarney, in County Kerry. The man behind the design and delivery of…Read More→

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Killarney hosts battle of the Celts

The latest round of the X-League Grand Prix takes places in Fossa, the ‘home’of X-League. The Competition will be book-ended by two International matches played under the newly agreed Test match structre. The competition see three Local teams and one travelling scottish team play for points in the Innaugural X-League Grand Prix, this will be…Read More→

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Brighton & Hove RL joins X-League

Brighton and Hove are the newest addition to the growing X-League clubs across the UK. Phil Ward lays out the clubs aims and objectives. Brighton & Hove Rugby League started in 2021 with the mission to build a sustainable rugby league club, culture and community in the city of Brighton & Hove and the wider Sussex region. Our goal is to introduce lots of…Read More→

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West Oxfordshire Levellers – X-League

X-League is proud to announce the latest addition to the X-League family, the West Oxfordshire Levellers. The club is managed and coached by John Connaughton, John explains the origin of the name and colours. The origin of the club’s name owes itself to the Civil War history in the county, and puts us in direct…Read More→

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What are the qualities of a great Rugby League Prop Forward?

This week we get an opionion from the heavy hitters of FB on what are the qualities of a good Prop Forward. Fred Laumua, leads us off; The obvious answers will be, Offloader, Big hitter Hard runner. Personally, being versatile and able to re-adjust to unexpected changes with the gameplan both defensive and offensive. Being…Read More→

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In Rugby League, What makes a good set of six?

We asked a very open ended question recently what constitutes a ‘good’ set of six in Rugby League. We received a number of great answers. Former Oldham and Barrow coach Stephen Deakin writes : “Depends largely on whether the set is coming out of one’s own end (yardage) or is one that is in the…Read More→

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BRLA and X-League

BRLA is happy to announce its collaboration with X-League: Limited Contact Rugby League. This variant of Rugby XIII is a concept created by Des Foy (former professional player). Previously known as ‘Eurotag’, it has been used by various member nations of the RLEF. But with its new name, X-League (pronounced Cross League) it has been…Read More→

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Harrogate Fire Ants and X-League
X-League Rugby League Harrogate

Yorkshire newest club joins forces with Rugby Leagues newest variant. Harrogate Fire Ants are a community North Yorkshire Rugby League team based in Harrogate who aim to provide community sport in a fun, friendly and safe environment. The club nickname explains the spirit of the club as the website explains – “Harrogate Fire Ants stand…Read More→

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X-League @ Whistler Wolves

X-League will form part of Whistler Wolves development plan as they kick off Rugby League in the area next year. Playing their inaugural season in 2020 with training to take place in Whistler. The Wolves are creating a community Rugby League club that Whistler can call its own. The club is open to everyone who is…Read More→

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