Hosts should make the following considerations when hosting a X-League Event.

  1. Match Day Schedule:
    • Explanation: This section outlines the timeline for the event, including arrival times, warm-up periods, match start times, break durations, and any other important timings.
    • Example: Arrival Time: 9:00 AM, Warm-up: 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM, Match 1: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM, Lunch Break: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Prizegiving – 3pm (Offsite) etc.
  2. Ethos & Desired Outcomes:
    • Explanation: This section describes the overarching goals and values of the event, emphasizing sportsmanship, fair play, and any specific objectives such as fostering community engagement or promoting teamwork.
    • Example: The ethos of the X-League emphasizes inclusivity and fair competition, with the desired outcome of promoting camaraderie among participants while showcasing their skills in a friendly environment. This event will alos help introduce a number of new participants to the game. etc
  3. Draw, Grouping & Fixtures:
    • Explanation: This section details how teams are allocated into groups, how matches are scheduled, and how fixtures are organized throughout the event.
    • Example: Teams will be drawn into groups of four, with each team playing against the others in their group once during the preliminary rounds. The top two teams from each group will then advance to the knockout stages.
  4. Playing Rules:
    • Explanation: This section outlines the rules and regulations governing gameplay, including scoring, fouls, substitutions, and any specific rules unique to the X-League.
    • Example: Matches will be played according to RFL X-League rules with modifications outlined in the X-League rulebook. Each game will consist of two halves of 10 minutes each, with a five-minute halftime break (due to weather concerns)
  5. Pitch Layout:
    • Explanation: This section provides a diagram or description of the playing field(s), including dimensions, markings, location, and any other relevant features.
    • Example: The pitch will be a X-League field with dimensions of 70 meters in length and 40 meters in width, with a 5 metre in-goal at eaither end.
  6. Food And Drink:
    • Explanation: This section covers provisions for refreshments and meals available during the event for participants and spectators.
    • Example: Food and drink stalls will be available throughout the day, offering a variety of options including snacks, hot meals, and beverages.
  7. Kit & Equipment:
    • Explanation: This section outlines requirements for participant attire and any equipment necessary for the event, such as jerseys, boots, shin guards, and balls.
    • Example: All players must wear matching team jerseys, along with appropriate footwear. Each team is responsible for bringing their own balls for warm-up and matches.
  8. Medical & Physio:
    • Explanation: This section addresses medical support and first aid provisions available onsite, as well as arrangements for any physiotherapy services.
    • Example: A qualified first aider will be present throughout the event, and a designated area will be provided for any medical emergencies. Additionally, a physiotherapist will be available for consultation and treatment as needed.
  9. Changing Facilities:
    • Explanation: This section details the availability of changing rooms or designated areas for participants to prepare before and after matches.
    • Example: Changing facilities will be located adjacent to the playing field, with separate areas provided for male and female participants. Showers and restroom facilities will also be available.
  10. Site Restrictions:
    • Explanation: This section highlights any specific rules or regulations governing behavior or activities at the event venue.
    • Example: Smoking is strictly prohibited within the event premises, and participants are reminded to adhere to any designated no-access zones marked by event staff.
  11. Key Contacts:
    • Explanation: This section provides contact information for key personnel involved in organizing and managing the event, including event coordinators, referees, and medical staff, team conatct
    • Example: For any inquiries or emergencies during the event, participants can contact the event organizer at [organizer’s email] or [organizer’s phone number].
  12. Event Location:
    • Explanation: This section offers details about the venue where the event will take place, including address, parking information, and any specific instructions for accessing the site.
    • Example: The event will be held at [Venue Name], located at [Address]. Ample parking will be available onsite, with additional overflow parking available at [Location], accessible via [Directions].
  13. Awards and Points:
    Explanation: This section offers details about the what points are availble to play for in the standings of the GP and other individual/Team awards to be handed out on the day.
    Example: The winners will be the team who triumph in the final and will earn 10 GP points. There will also be an award for the best team try, best kit, Players Player of the Tournament.

Press Release Considerations

Checklist for Preview Article:

  • What event is taking place, location, date and time?
  • Statement from the Organisation (Chair/Vice Chair) – Build up to event.
  • One relatively new picture image of the specific Rugby format activity.
  • Is the event being streamed live? (yes-link, no – leave blank)

Checklist for Post-Event Article

  • Statement from Leading Event Organiser.
  • Teams attended (regions they are from) the event and number of participants.
  • Pictures from the event.
  • Statement from Participant (Name, Age, Where they are from & Team they play for)
  • The next upcoming event?
  • Link to getting involved in the activities. (Registration/RFL Website).