TeamPointsAwardsEvent Wins
Oldham St. Annes000
Saddleworth Rangers000
Oldham X-League000
Warrington X-League000
Warrington Titans000
Brighton & Hove000
Scotland Highlanders000
W.O. Levellers000

Game Play Rules

  1. Team Composition/Registration
    a. All players must be registered with X-League and the RFL.
    b. Teams must draw from players registered under there name, unless a special request is made to the X-League Steering Group.
    c. Players may not transfer to a different team during the Grand Prix, unless a special request is made to the X-League Steering Group.

  2. Points/Scoring – The XLGP will award points for the following
    a. 10 Points for attending one of the 6 events
    b. 10 Points for winning one of the 6 events
    c. 10 Points for being the team of the tournament, the team voted by all others as best embodying the values and ethos of X-League
    d. 5 Points for scoring the best try, voted for by the organising manager.
    e. Teams can join together and split points between them from any Grand Prix event. (i.e. When divided between two teams: 5 points for attending, 5 points for winning. 5 points for Team of the tournament, in the case of any uneven split of points, points will be rounded down to the nearest whole number)
    f. Teams Entering more than one squad into an event will receive a maximum of 10 points for attendance however they may accumulate any other awarded points for their single team.
  3. Competition Entries
    a. There is no upper or lower limits to how many competitions a Grand Prix team can enter.
    b. Some competitions may be over subscribed and it will be up to the individuals competitions organisers discretion.
    c. It will be up to the individual competitions to decide what constitutes a win.

  4. Rules
    a. All matches will be played in accordance with the official X-League Rules.
    b. These rules do allow for certain changes, the use of which is at at competitions organisers discretion.
    c. A refereeing seminar will be available to all a participants in the weeks leading up to the event.
    d. Any event that could be deemed as ‘gross misconduct’ will be investigated by the Competition Manager, penalties may be handed out in the form of competition points deduction or in more severe cases exclusion from the remainder of the Grand Prix.

  5. Social Media
    a. All teams will be required to name their squads prior to the event for posting on social media.
    b. A photograph of each team at each event is a mandatory part of participation.
    c. All teams are encouraged to wear the same kit at each event, although this is not mandatory.
    d. All teams are encouraged to wear ‘X-League Branded’ playing kit at each event, although this is not mandatory.
    e. All teams are encouraged to use hashtags ‘#XLeagueGP, #XLeague and #LeagueForAll’


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