This week we get an opionion from the heavy hitters of FB on what are the qualities of a good Prop Forward.

Fred Laumua, leads us off;

The obvious answers will be, Offloader, Big hitter Hard runner.

Personally, being versatile and able to re-adjust to unexpected changes with the gameplan both defensive and offensive. Being able to identify weaknesses in the opposition and exploiting them, eg knowing when to try and bust the line and when to throw yourself on your elbows and knees and playing the ball as fast as you can, or when to slow the tempo down.

Making yourself available as much as you can, eg being block runner, then backing up as a potential reciever.

A great communicator, and great at helping to organise plays.

Chris Churm tell us, a great prop forward is there first every time to take the ball up. He’s got a bit of menace about him – you need aggressive players in your team – you want to intimidate more than you are intimidated. He’s got great hands and vision.. he could fill in at 6 for a bit if required. He’s got a bit of a paunch and missing a couple of teeth.

Latvia Coach Chis Coates is looking for; Extremely high work rate. Willing to carry the ball in all situations to make metres for the team. Aims to poke nose through between defenders i.e. break the line and look for support. Good understanding of realising when the tackle is dead to find the floor to play quickly. Can offer simple soft hands near the line to supporting players. Able to attract defenders to allow space for others. Stifles opposition defensively, doesn’t let anyone get on top of them in momentum. Leads that defensive line in the middle and puts attackers under pressure. Is responsible for setting the tone of the side defensively, leading from the front, Desirable: Good with their feet for late footwork and to avoid being caught flat footed defensively. Good positioning and discipline to conserve energy and not chase the game, or give away pointless penalties

Andrew Charles chimes in with; Willing to take the hard runs. Leader. Protector. Consistent. Needs to have good leg speed and ability to play the ball quickly.

Howard Wilkinson rounds off the discussion with; A Hard runner good football brain never takes a step back Frank Foster was the perfect example for me had it all

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.