Part of our ethos at X-League is that people develop and learn most from games and competition. With small training sessions being allowed all over the world as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we decided to detail some of the mini games a team or small group may use to sharpen skills whilst keeping a healthy competitive spirit. These are the bare bones ideas of the games, the rules may be modified and changed to suit the team, (eg allowing one bounce in Kick Tennis, allowing overlapping movement in Clap&Catch) .

Please ensure these activities adhere to Covid-19 Restrictions before organising a session involving them.

Kick Tennis – Based on tennis/volleyball a modified version of tennis with a rugby ball.

FussBall – Based on the idea of the old table top football game, players can move laterally in a designated zone, and advance the ball to a goal through kicking and passing.

Clap & Catch – Based on simple circle passing and catching this game encourages players to improve handling skills by keeping there hands ready for the ball, throwing accurate passes and improving their dummying ability.